Created by our team under Science & Media’s umbrella, these exhibitions can be re-created or adapted by StoryLab for new clients.

The Science of Survival

Science Museum, London, 2008

The Science of Survival is a thought-provoking exhibition that makes imaginative use of interactive techniques. It was considered so important that two identical exhibitions were built in the United Kingdom and United States. While both were designed in London, construction was carried out simultaneously in the UK and USA. The theme of the exhibition is a look at what the world may be like in 2050 in the face of growing populations and diminishing natural resources. While in no way minimizing the problems ahead, the exhibition demonstrates the many ways by which science, lifestyle changes and new technology can help solve the problems. The idea is to motivate visitors with the idea that everyone can contribute to a sustainable future.

Interactive game in The Science of Survival
Video in The Science of Survival
Boy playing interactive game
Interactive game in The Science of Survival

The Science of Spying

Science Museum, London, 2007

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a modern-day spy in this new interactive family exhibition. After being recruited as a trainee spy, explore the skills and abilities required by real agents and use some of the latest technologies that help spies gather and analyse information. Later, go on a secret undercover mission in a rival organisation and discover what it’s like to be spied upon. Uncover a secret store of prototype gadgets that give you a glimpse into the future of spy technologies and finally use everything you’ve learnt to escape before qualifying as a fully-fledged agent.

Interactive game for children
Exhibition poster for the Science of Spying

The Science of Aliens

Science Museum, London, 2006

Follow us on a journey through the real science of alien life and into the furthest reaches of your imagination. Get up-close and personal with some classic science fiction films and props, then come face-to-face with the weird creatures that inhabit Earth, before exploring far-flung planets and stars. Enter the “Alien Worlds” of leading scientists and meet the aliens they have imagined in a unique hands-on environment. And before you leave, compose your own personal message to an alien.

The Science of Aliens exhibition at the Science Museum
The Science of Aliens exhibition poster